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    HELP!!!! Baby is coming next week and we still cannot agree on anything..

    Brothers are Easton Matthew and Rowdy Paul

    My husband likes names like Kenzie and Callie

    I like names like Adalyn and Charlotte

    Is there any names you could suggest that would work with older brothers and our styles. We also like unisex names.

    Thanks in advance.

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    How about Indiana nickname Indie (that is my favorite girl name at the moment!)

    You could do a combo like Kenzie Charlotte. If you are into Kennedy for a girl, Kenzie could be a nickname for that.

    Calypso could be cool with your boys names, maybe with nickname Callie?
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    What about Caroline nn Callie or Cassandra nn Cassie? This seem similar to some of the longer names you like and the shorter one he likes. Anyway he'd go for Adalyn nn Addie or Charlotte nn Lottie or Charlie?

    Some other possibilities:

    Matilda nn Mattie or Tillie
    Lucinda nn Lucy
    Margaret nn Maggie
    Miranda nn Mandy or Mira
    Juliet nn Julie
    Felicity nn Liss/Lissy
    Beatrix nn Bea or Trixie

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