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    Athena nn Thea?

    My husband and I are trying to conceive baby #2, and are trying to narrow down girl names. This is one we're considering, but would love to hear your thoughts feedback on Athena and Thea. Which of these would you put on the birth certificate, and middle name options?

    For Thea, I'm really liking:
    Thea Genevieve

    For Athena, I'm really liking:
    Athena Violet

    Our last name is pronounced ALL-berg, and if we went with Athena Violet, here initials would be AVA, another potential nickname.

    Do these names "go" with brother Van? Any other first name recommendations to pair with him? I'd say we like names that reflect a creative personality, are "real" names, no creative spellings, are feminine but not frilly, and have a subtle earthiness to them maybe? The picture below has a quality of what we're going for in a name...what would you name her, for instance?

    Thanks Berries!
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