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    Sorry, it's not attractive at all. Use it as a middle name if you like it so much.

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    It's not really a "rule" that you shouldn't use a masculine name on girls. It's just people's preference.

    Personally, I don't care for it. But then again...its not my grandmother or kid. So of course I don't have any attachment to the name. If you want to use it because it has great meaning to you....then use it.

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    I had to re-comment. I honestly would have loved the name Montgomery growing up! Especially if you give her a cute nickname. We know a Barruch who only goes by Bear! Montgomery sounds fresh on a girl. It sounds like it could be in a book- a girl named Montgomery. She seems like the sort of girl that would be very adventurous, spunky, and just adorable! I know a girl named Miller who goes by Millie! I thought miller to be very masculine but Mille is so very girly and cute! It fits her. If girls can be names miller why not Montgomery. And the ending DOES sound close to Marie, although it is more of a mree. Still sounds girly enough to me

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    My pet peeve is giving girls' masculine names IF they have no personal connection. I know many girls who carry masculine middles (Clifford, Dennis, etc.) and firsts to honor family members, especially for names with no feminine equivalent. That I have no problem with.

    Montgomery is very heavy. Personally, I'd use a long form of Ollie, such as Olivia or Olesia, or Montgomery as a middle. But, if you like it, go for it! It's got a personal connection, and although you might get some weird looks, most people won't bat an eye (in fact, I've found that names like Montgomery on a girl actually get less negative remarks than uncommon girls' names like Isadora or Magnolia).
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    If it were me I could never do it, I wouldn't want to burden her with a masculine name. I would probably just not honor or at least put it in the middle spot. But that's if it were me, if it was someone else, then that's their own business, but I'll admit, I'd probably roll my eyes....

    I second the idea of working with Ollie: Olive, Olivia, Ottillie, Oleta, Odelia, Olivette, Ophelie

    Also if you already have a Jackson, I would assume Montgomery was a boy....
    Also might assume you really love Tennessee...
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