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    I think it is adorable! Monty merry Maggie May or Emmie are all cute nicknames! I don't think it sound overly madculine, especially with all the girly nicknames!

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    Montgomery Ann is nice! It's a surname and family name for you so I say go for it! And to answer the PP's question I would have loved to be named Montgomery, with the added bonus of being named after what sounds like a lovely and special person in your family it seems like a great choice.

    Good luck!
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    Montgomery is interesting, especially for a girl (as it means "man power", and I really think there's enough of that around). You have to remember, if you don't introduce her with her nickname first, people may call her Monty. I also think you can get Ree from it too. I much prefer Ollie, as its so charming just by itself. My name is Olivia, and I've only recently been called Ollie by a few friends, and I really love it.

    If you decide to go the Ollie way, I'd suggest these longer names:

    Or you could just do Ollie! Its adorable, quirky, and fun all through life. Plus it really honors your great grandma.

    I much like the sound of Olive Montgomery... Peaceful man power (or even Peace on Gomeric's Hill).
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    I kinda like it .... i think it goes with Jackson since they are both sure names ... my only issue with it, is its a really long name "Montgomery" like almost too much for a 1st name (if that makes sense) ... i think i would use it as a middle name over a 1st name.
    Ollie is cute ... kinda like Ellie.

    i wouldnt based what you name her on, what you would nick name her .... often times that doesnt work out ... both the nick names i thought i would have for my girls I have never called them .. they grew into something totally different. besides she will need to use her legal name often as an adult in business so you want to love the legal name you give, not the nick name.

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    I love it. It sounds plenty feminine to my ear (it ends in Marie for heaven's sake)

    I've never thought surnames belong to men anyway, but the various girl sounds in the name are extra helpful for what will be a unique and charming name for a woman.
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