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    I really like Montgomery, especially since it means so much to you. Go for it! It's hard to regret something so special. Your grandma seems awesome

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    I understand the sentimental value behind the name, but for me - it works better as a middlename.

    I wouldn't like to be called Montgomery as a girl, if I'm honest, no matter how dear the family member is.

    What about Olive Montgomery? Livia Montgomery?

    Or Liva Montgomery? (lee-va) which is a Scandinavian pet name/short form of Olivia.

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    Yikes, that's awful!

    There's nothing charming about Montgomery. It's a sweet sentiment, but why burden your poor daughter with such a name? Not to mention what middle school boys will do with a name containing the word MOUNT.

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    Also, just saw you have a son called Jackson... I'm not sure... Jackson and Montgomery - even if you call her Maggie or Molly, I would assume they were brothers. And if you use it and then ahve another boy (Charles) I would feel Charles falls completely outside the sib set.

    Plus, Charles Montgomery Burns from the Simpsons spring to mind :P

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    Cant u name your future son Montgomery?

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