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    One of my cousins on my dad's side has B/G twins and the boy is a Junior, while the girl has a non-family name. I was so disappointed when my aunt told me their names because I remember thinking that the boy's name was so boring and the girl's was so random! hahaha

    On my mom's side of the family we have the tradition where the first daughter is named after her maternal grandmother, so it's been a rotation of Margarets and Ediths for many, many generations. My mom threatened to break the cycle but eventually caved, and we'll just have to wait and see if I continue it with a potential daughter, but I don't think I would ever name a daughter after myself.

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    OP, my grandparents did the same as yours. My mom grew up thinking her double barreled name ____-Ann was the female version of junior. It did lead to a lot of confusion in their house and the baby of the family always felt left out for not being named after mom or dad.

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    I don't like it for either gender- though it shouldn't be okay for guys, but not for girls. I think it's pretty unoriginal. That being said, I come from a huge line of male juniors. My grandpa was named Frederick, and called Fred (after his father, Alfred), then there was his first son named Frederick Jr. My great-grandfather on my dad's side was Joseph, and he named his son Joseph. My grandfather was named Roger, and both my dad and brother are named Roger too (but their middles are different.) Lots of shared names.
    It's fine to honor family, but I think it's better done in a unique way. Or subtly.

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    I dislike juniors on both boys and girls, so I wouldn't name a daughter after myself. I think it's a bit odd personally. My father and I share an initial, and growing up if a letter came addressed to "J. Surname" we wouldn't know which one of us it was for. Not so much of a problem when I was a child who wasn't getting any important mail, but when I moved back home after university as an adult it was sometimes irritating. Consequently I've made it a personal rule to not use same initial as anyone else in the immediate household if I ever have children.

    Even if I did want to honour a family member I would try and choose a different derivative, or use their name as a middle name. If you have a brand new baby, why not give it a brand new (to your family) name?
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    My g-grandmother adored her father, so gave her son the same first name and 'Junior' as a middle name. It still confuses everyone.

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