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    How do you feel about female juniors?

    I mean naming a daughter after her mom? I hear it alllllllll the time with males, but not too often with females. I once heard the opinion that naming a daughter after yourself is selfish but naming a son after his father is traditional, expected, acceptable, etc. Now, I don't really personally care to delve into the gender inequality debate (although if your opinion relates to that, you are absolutely entitled to have that and say so)..but my mom and i were talking all about names for about an hr straight yesterday. My brother chose one of his newborn twin son's mn as Michael after his father-in-law and the other twin's mn Luigi sort of after himself, not really after our father (both are Louis), sort of after our great-grandfather Luigi, and mostly because of our Italian heritage. Mom said she really doesn't like the Junior thing. She thinks it is incredibly unimaginative, what with all the names out there and variations you could use if you really wanted to. She herself is a female junior, named after her mother. She HATES it to no end. She hates the name (Christine), and doesn't have a good relationship with her mother at all. Adding to her irritation is that her brother is a junior, after their father. My grandparents basically reused their entire names...Robert and Christine had Robert and Christine.

    So..would you do it? Name your daughter after yourself? Would you if it were more socially acceptable (is it socially acceptable, in your opinion)? Thoughts in general?
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    Personally I don't like the idea for either gender - mainly for practical reasons. I've heard many cases where the father and son's identity get mixed up in cases like credit reports, criminal history, etc. because they failed to pay attention to the suffix and/or age/DOB (if even listed). If anything this would be ever so slightly less of an issue with a mother/daughter junior set, since the last names are more likely to change during their lives (but since there are no guarantees that the daughter's surname will even change I'm still against it for the same reasons). Giving your (or another relative's) first or middle name as the child's middle name (or something along those lines)? Absolutely. Naming after another relative when the last names will not be the same? Okay, if mutually agreed on and it won't be too confusing (if said relative is still living). Giving the exact same full name as yourself or another living (or recently deceased) relative? No, because of the aforementioned legal mix-ups.
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    I don't care for juniors on boys or girls. My sister in law named her eldest daughter after herself, but they've always called her by her second first name (she has a hyphenated first name plus a middle name) so I'm not sure what the point was.

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    I think female juniors used to be fairly common, but since girl names have a greater turnover than boy names, they probably just fell out of favor. The further back in my own family tree I go, the more often there are daughters named after mothers. Though, on a global scale, this is just an assumption. Overall, girl naming trends evolve much faster than boys. A William could be born in any era, but you could probably place a Michelle or Ashley within 5 years of their birth.

    I wouldn't do it; though both of my daughters' middle names are family names, I think it is much different to name your child after yourself or your partner. I don't think it is necessarily selfish or vain, but it made me uncomfortable (I decided not to name our youngest Amelia because I felt it was too close to my own name, Leah). Like said above, I think it could pose some legal problems for either gender.
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    To be honest, I hate juniors, whether they be boys or girls. It's just so unoriginal. If you want to name them after you, at least put it in the middle. Give me a unique first name, a way to distinguish themselves from their parent. I think it would suck to be called "Junior" just to avoid the confusion of two Harry's or two Elizabeth's.

    I also think it can lead to identity issues, be it bills, insurance or mental because they feel like that have to be like that person/live up to that person.

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