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    I don't understand the junior thing. We are all individuals and therefore should we all have a name if our own.

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    I think it's common enough now where it's not really an issue anymore, and most wouldn't think twice about it, but you run the risk of coming off as unimaginative and conceited. Although I do think it's more acceptable to just stick the name in the middle spot.

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    I think unique identification is the entire purpose of a first name [at least, in cultures that use the same naming structure that i'm used to as an American]. While middle and surnames can be used to note family ties, I have no idea why someone would intentionally give the same name to two people, of any gender or combination of genders, who will have the same surname/be spending so much time in the same place. You yell out "John!" or "Mary!" and they both come running. It eliminates the whole point of a name.
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    My great-grandpa's son is a junior (And I think his son might be a the third) and his daughter's son is also a junior from her ex-husband, as is my mom's boyfriend. I've never really heard of a female junior. I've heard of a woman using like her maiden name or her name as a middle, but it's definitely WAY more common with boys. I think naming a child after your parent or grandparent or another family member is kind of nice, but I'm definitely not a fan of naming a child after the parent on either gender, though I do kind of tolerate it more with boys, but that might just be because it's more common.
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    My middle name is Anne, as is my mother's and her mother's. I think that that that is a really sweet idea for girl juniors.

    I'm a sucker for traditions, and since female juniors isn't one, I'm kind of meh on the whole thing. I'm okay with male juniors, but it gets confusing and just isn't my thing.
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