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    I love coffee! I'm not pregnant though so I can't chime in there but I would probably have a cup per day or so when the time comes. My mom drank it all throughout her pregnancies and all of us are fine.
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    Just limit it and you will be fine. I have never had a baby under 8lbs when I drank coffee ttytt. The Pioneer Woman has a wonderful iced coffee recipe made by cold brewing it, that is my standard drink these days.
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    Oh yes, I drink coffee every day. I never finish a medium cup though. So, when I was pregnant, I had no problem giving it up. I just felt better not drinking it, but I wanted to do everything to keep my pregnancy from terminating. I had tea occasionally instead.
    There is caffeine in other things like chocolate, but as long as you don't have caffeine in large quantities, it is pretty safe.

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    I drink a large iced coffee every day!

    That being said, I am cautious about not drinking or eating excessive caffeine after that during the day - save some chocolate or something.

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    I drink iced espresso every day (16 oz cup but most of that is ice and if I don't drink I get terrible headaches). My doctor says 1-2 cups a day are fine, and I frequently have a can of diet coke at either lunch or dinner. My last baby was almost 10 lbs so I do not worry about low birth weight! Like you, early in my first trimester I can't stomach coffee and I go off for a while (did this is both of my pregnancies). But I am 17 1/2 weeks now and I have been back on the sauce for about 6 weeks now. I find that I vastly prefer it cold than hot, but if hot is my best option I don't hesistate. (I usually make mine at home- we have an espresso machine and just pour my shots over ice). What I really wish is that I could enjoy it with milk instead of half-and-half. The added calories are probably a bigger reason that I limit myself than the caffeine.
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