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Thread: Uh Oh...

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    Lots of love, my older 2 are 19 months apart. Not the same at all, but, its challenging yet wonderful. We had a scare the other week too (my cycles do not generally come back until closer to a year or longer) and so it was enough for DH to schedule the V for the 28th...

    PM me any time, you are surrounded by love and so is this baby. I cannot imagine life without our children who were in no way planned, at all, in a year you will not be able to either. <3
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    Thank you all so much, well wishes and congratulations are wonderful. I'm eating only fruit and a variety of biscuits. But I feel okay, well enough to hang out with Roo. Of course, today we've mostly been in the car, but we've been playing in the backseat a lot... I'm kind of starting to get excited, especially after hearing it can be nice. I have a feeling it will be scary crazy with an 11 month old and a newborn, but I like the idea of them being best friends and all the sweetness that brings. Besides, as boyfriend pointed out, if we'll have two by the time I'm 31 we can take a longer break between 2 and 3. If we will still want more children after that... haha.

    Labmama; thanks! I do love her name very much too! I'm glad to hear your sis & bro were so close, I've been thinking it would be best if this was a girl for the closeness thing, but now I kind of want it to be a boy!

    Sessha; thanks, as always. I will take advantage...

    Blade; really? 5-6 weeks, that would be scary... I was figuring three weeks maybe. But that might be too soon for symptoms?

    Jenn; thank you! You're my hero, so I might very well need some advice at some point!
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    @ottilie the clock starts at 2 weeks, not 0. 2 weeks = day of conception. 4 weeks = day of missed period (usually implantation of the zygote occurs 3-4 days before this). 5-6 weeks = enough B-HCG to start making you symptomatic.

    Again, the main point of the first prenatal visit is to confirm that the pregnancy is intrauterine (not ectopic) and viable (alive, not a blighted ovum or the like). Ideally you'd wait until at least 44 days to be able to see a heartbeat. I know no one likes to think about it but if it's not viable, as so many unfortunately are, the options available early are much much more palatable than the ones available after 8 weeks. So if you show up too early, at five weeks, and they say "come back in a month," you're already outside the window for certain treatment options. For example, if you have an ectopic pregnancy, you can only use a drug (methotrexate) to take care of it before 8 weeks; afterwards it's surgery where you usually lose a tube. The point is that ideally you'd like to time the first visit at 6-7 weeks.
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    Congratulations, Ottilie! Best wishes to you!

    My aunt has a daughter and twin sons that are eleven months apart. They're essentially like triplets, and they were a handful when they were infants and toddlers. Now that they're older (10 and 11) they're marvelous fun. The three of them are very close and are always watching out for each other (like most siblings do), and I love spending time with them.

    By the way, Roo's new name is beautiful!
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    Wow, congrats! I'm quite envious, would have loved two close together
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