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Thread: Uh Oh...

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    Sounds like you and Roo are having good time anyway, keep it up, Ottilie. I guess it's too early too say "congrats" but having Irish twins sounds so exciting, hooray! My best wishes and a huge hug go right to you, darling.

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    Congratulations Ottilie!! I certainly think you'll be fantastic as the mom of two little ones! I grew up with a brother and sister who were 1 yr apart, and they always seemed like best friends, when all the other sib sets I knew were hating each other during those teenage years

    P.s. Roo's new name is beautiful. Life was a bit hectic, and I was only able to catch up and track down that thread a few days ago. I look forward to the following along as you go about naming this little bean!

    Edit: I realize that it may have sounded like the brother and sister were my own. I meant that I grew up in the same small town as they did, and we were all in school together.
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    I have 4 kiddos, with my oldest being 3, so mine are all really close in age. I got pregnant with my 1 month old when my 3rd was 4 months old. Its crazy, but I really like having them all so close in age-we plan on having a few more in the next few years just as close :-) good luck!
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    Otterlily! Who knew you were such a baby factory? I'm shocked! Delighted, but shocked, haha. Massive hugs your way, dearling. I willingly shoulder my third of the blame for manifesting ten kids on your life path, and in penance I vow to be with you every step of this new journey, and not just for name advice

    For what it's worth, I was the oldest of the brood and had the parentals all to myself for four years…so when my brother came along, I was absolutely horrid to him. I'm ashamed to admit it, because of course now I love him fiercely, but as a little one I was a selfish brat and treated him like an interloper. I would never wish that on you and your babas, so I think the proximity in age is actually a blessing (albeit in disguise at the moment). I am actually hoping to have my own children fairly close together to avoid just that sort of sibling animosity.

    Best wishes to you, dearest. PM me if you need anything at all! <3
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    Since your LMP will be sometime in May/June of 2012, it will be difficult to date you. However, if you're already having symptoms you're probably at least 5, maybe 6 weeks, along. Which is good re: seeing the midwife so soon; cardiac motion begins at 44 days (6wks 2 days) so she might be able to tell you at this early if the pregnancy is viable. Otherwise, you might consider rescheduling for 1-2 more weeks so as not to repeat appointments. (Unless NHS protocols are really specific on this topic).
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