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    Thanks for your help and other things, everyone. Supportive words are always nice! Dindle, the hug is appreciated !

    Jazz, that makes me feel better! 12 months sounds crazy, but I'm sure it must be nice for the children to be so close.

    Emma, hahahaha, five by 34 would be impressive... and exhausting. the gingerbread sounds delicious. We're at his parents (have been house hunting today) and I've had a bath and now I'm in a luxurious four poster bed with linen and lace curtains, lots of pillows, and a tray of fruit and a glass of champagne in front of me. Baba is goo-goo-ing right next to me.

    Amy; thanks, sweetheart. Yes, I think you three need equal punishment. I might send the kids over to America when they hit their horrible teenage years so you can raise them for me...

    Blade; yeah, I take back what I said, it was the other way around. Negative on the stick, positive on the bloodtest. Anyway, babies are a good thing. It's our own fault. And next time I will get that thing, don't you worry...
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