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Thread: Uh Oh...

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    Wow! If the doctor confirms, I'm sure you'll handle it beautifully. Exciting! Will there be crazy years? Absolutely. But as others have said, how special for your little ones to grow up that close in age.
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    Otter!! Holy Moly, fertile much? I won't say congratulations just yet, but I'm sending you a big hug. My goodness, at this rate, you may get all five kids gestated and born by the time you're 34, and have a close-knit troupe of youngsters rumbling around your big country house! Take good care, do something nice for yourself. If I were in London I'd bake you some gingerbread.

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    I deeply apologize for any positive or negative influence that I may have had on your possible fertility with my previous constant exclamations of
    "I hope you have ten kids so you can name them all!"

    But really, it will be the perfect situation for you no matter how it turns out, and I know you and Roo will be able to handle it. A beautifully restored country house that's ready in December sounds perfect regardless of whether it has one nursery or two.

    (ETA: Giving blame where blame is due, I think in all fairness, Emms and Sessha are equally 1/3 as responsible as me for the whole 10 kids thing, ha)
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    Irish twins, hooray!

    False positives are vanishingly rare. The only situations in which you have a false positive is a) you were taking B-HCG as a fertility drug or b) you have an ovarian stromal tumor, a germ cell tumor, which secretes B-HCG.

    So congratulations! I know how you feel; I think if it were a century ago I'd be one of those peasant women with 14 children clinging to her skirts.

    PS Next time get a postpartum IUD, placed at delivery. Free on the NHS.
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