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Thread: Uh Oh...

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    Uh...yeah, it's possible. But also pretty likely that your system is just readjusting after pregnancy. Hormones do very strange things, and it takes awhile to get back to normal. You're maybe just about to start your period again, who knows. I'd say just take the test, you'll feel better!

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    We recently had a bit of a scare, too. My Mom keeps insisting that you're most fertile for six months postpartum, which sounds a little hokum-y to me, and that breastfeeding only works as birth control for some people. That's probably because they conceived my sister just a few months after having my brother, while breastfeeding. I'd just test.

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    It happened to me! Crazy thing is, I didn't even know I was pregnant until I was 16 weeks! I had a suspicion and even took a test, but it came back negative. It sounds crazy, but I swear! It had taken me 3 years to conceive my first, so I wasn't jumping on birth-control right away, especially since I knew the progesterone-only bc pills aren't as effective. I was a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding, so I took another pregnancy test before going, since I knew we would likely be drinking alcohol there and I don't normally drink, so I just wanted to be extra-sure, sure enough-this one came back positive. When I called my OB to tell them and make an appt, since I didn't have a period to go off of, they said to wait at least 4 weeks before coming in. So, when I finally went in, here I thought I was 4-6 weeks and they told me I was 20 weeks! Holy crap! I couldn't believe it!
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    It's possible, but unlikely, especially as you have not yet gotten your period back. (Though again I stress, it's possible). Exclusive breastfeeding is an effective but extremely variable method of birth control. If you're certain you'd like more space between pregnancies then you should start investigating more reliable options.

    Your symptoms could well be infectious or just cumulative fatigue.

    As an aside, congrats on successfully getting her to take a bottle! That should make your life a bit freer!
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    The test is waiting patiently on my bathroom table. I have a weird bladder, I can only go two-three times a day.

    We've been pretty good at using condoms, I'd say we've used them at least 90% of the time (I'm bad at maths, but it sounds about right in my head). Last time we got pregnant while I was on BC pills (I hadn't skipped a day since I was 21) and we used condoms at the time it must've happened too. So I don't trust BC anymore...

    It might be just me being nervous (wouldn't put it past me), or it might be a migraine coming, or just the hormone thing... I hope so. However, if I am pregnant, I will be happy of course, it's just a little sooner than I'd like... we wanted to be in the new house before we started making the next little baby.

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