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Thread: Uh Oh...

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    Try not to stress, false positives are rare but they do happen. Don't freak out until after you talk to your doctor.

    My daughters are 12 months apart it was, and sometimes still is, hard work but the rewards outweigh the hard work 100 fold. I love that they are learning, growing and experiencing life together. They want to be together from the minute they wake up until they go to bed. They have a bond that I can't adequately explain and on more than one occasion I have found my self crying with joy when I see the love they have for each other. Sometimes I secretly worry that this time the age gap is too big and our next child will miss out on experiencing such an amazing bond.
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    How exciting! And challenging. And scary. But as others have said, don't freak out just yet. Hope you get the answer you want at the doctor's appointment. Regardless of the outcome, I wish you all the best!

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    *GASP!!!* OMGOODNESS! Wow, Ottilie, that is incredible. Maybe having another baby when Roo is so little, will mean that she will adapt easily to being a big sister. Like, a two or three year old has enough sense to realise that another baby means things are very different in the household, but to a 1 yr old, it is what it is. Wow, after all the thought and effort that went into picking Aphrodite's perfect might be doing it all over again! What fun Congratulations, if you are preggo, and if not...congratulations as well, eh? Best of luck either way!
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    It really depends on how much your baby feeds, whether you use pacifiers, etc. but if you're doing truly ecological breastfeeding (you can Google for the specific "requirements"), it's very unlikely in the first 6 months. However, like you said, you may be extremely fertile and if she's skipped feedings before, it is more possible. Take the test so you don't have to worry and if it's positive, just know how wonderful it will be for siblings to be so close in age. I'm 9 weeks along and Bay will turn 3 before the new baby comes. I really wanted them to be within 18 months or so, but obviously sometimes nature has other plans for us. Good luck!

    ETA: Just read your update. How exciting! Unless it was a blue dye test, it's most likely that you're pregnant (I assume you haven't been taking HCG for any reason). Hopefully you can get over the shock of it all soon. Also, depending on your baby, it might not be difficult at all to adjust to two so close in age. My daughter always wanted to be held and nursed all day long and I almost never put her down the whole first year but it would have been easy to have another one then because as long as I held her, she would hang out/ nap with me when I wanted. I hope you have an easy transition, how exciting
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    It's possible, my cousin is pregnant with her 2nd, I believe her first baby is only 5 or 6 months old! However, it was kind of planned in the fact they were just doing the "if it happens it happens"

    Also if you're using condoms only 90% of the time, not sure if you can entirely blame birth control... we use it 100% percent of the time and no babies, but I also use NFP.

    My sister and I were 18 months apart and I still think that's too close. We get a long a bit better now, but definitely still have sore spots from the past. I definitely plan on having my children spread at least 3 years apart, 4 would be the goal though.

    Anyway, others have done it and I'm sure you'll manage fine. It just takes a whole new parenting skill.
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