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Thread: Uh Oh...

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    Yowza! Congrats! My SO's niece (she's all grown not a young girl, they're not terribly far apart in age) had two back to back girls. I think they're less than a year apart. I just remember blinking and another girl was born. Honestly, I can't tell them apart! They look nearly identical, it's crazy. They're 3-4 now, and adorable and seem to love having an almost twin, though I doubt they really understand what that means yet. I think they're close enough to where they could enter school together, but their mother said she might keep the younger one home for a year so they aren't in the same grade. I can't even imagine!
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    So exciting Ottielie! I have been thinking about you! My first two are 14 months apart and although it was a bit exhausting, every year got easier and easier and they really are the best of friends. There is never any boredom! The best part is, now that they are school-aged, they have a built-in buddy that makes them even more confident when they face new things, it is in those moments their bond is the strongest. You will do great!
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    Congrats Ottilie! My SIL's sister has Irish twins and they are adorable and very close.

    I guess I missed Roo's real name? Can anyone direct me? I'm curious to see this beautiful name!
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    If you are having Irish twins (is that derogatory to the Irish?) then thank goodness you are having them when you are younger. My uncle and and his wife had red headed Irish twins when he was 50 &51 and she was 38 & 39. Babies can difficult at any age but it was particularly hard for him to start over when he already had a 20yo and his wife had a 10yo (both from previous marriages).

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    Quote Originally Posted by aviegrace View Post
    If you are having Irish twins (is that derogatory to the Irish?) then thank goodness you are having them when you are younger.
    It's derogatory to the Catholics! It's a reference to Irish Catholics, who often had their children very close together because of lack of contraception!

    Edit - This is in response to aviegrace who asked whether the term is derogatory towards Irish people. Personally, I don't think it's a particularly offensive term, but it's definitely "derogatory" because it's a pay out! I mean, it's not exactly complimentary! LOL
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