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Thread: Uh Oh...

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    Uh Oh...

    The last few days I've been so fatigued, nauseous and have had an aversion towards all food that's cooked. I basically feel like I did the first few weeks I was pregnant with Dita, when I didn't know and I thought I had a massive migraine attack coming my way. I'm exclusively breastfeeding (ok, I've pumped twice the last few days as she started taking her bottle at the weekend), I haven't gotten my period back yet. Is it still possible I could be pregnant? Stupid me, I haven't started on any BC yet, I've simply not gotten around to it, but I do know it's ridiculous. I'm smart enough to know I should, especially as I got pregnant with Baba while on two kinds of BC (which makes me think I'm pretty fertile). I've book an appointment with my gp for Monday, and I do have a pregnancy test waiting, I just can't bring myself to do it yet. Please, please, tell me this cannot be! Ditaroo isn't even three months yet, that's not enough time for me to truly enjoy her baby time.
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    Uh oh! I hate to say it but yes, you could absolutely be pregnant! Do yourself a favor and go buy a test so you can put your mind at ease. Women absolutely do get pregnant while breastfeeding - though it isn't as likely, it does happen. I'm sorry it's not ideal for you but it will work out one way or another. And you could be wrong, maybe you're just very nervous and your just exaggerating your symptoms but you're not preggo and you'll feel better in a few days? I don't mean that to sound insulting in any way, I do it to myself all the time when I'm afraid something is happening that I don't want. Go test! And keep us posted, I'll be thinking about you!!!

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    It is definitely possible. But honestly, it might just be your body/hormones straightening themselves back out. 3 months after birth is when you start to go back to "normal." Your cycle might be getting ready to start and regulate itself. All these crazy female hormones can really throw you for a loop because they all mimic each other.

    Anyway, I know you're smart and if you want to prevent getting pregnant for awhile at least try the withdrawal method or condoms, or a diaphragm? Or maybe you subconsciously wouldn't mind getting pregnant and that's why you haven't made the effort to try and prevent it? Either way, I'm sure you will be supported here. Keep us posted!
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    Of course it's possible! Take the test so you don't have to be preoccupied by it!

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    I'm seconding everything Rowangreeneyes said. They do say it's pretty unlikely you'd conceive while breastfeeding exclusively, but it can definitely happen!
    Take the test Otter. You'll feel better. Fingers crossed tightly for you. Though an Irish Roo twin wouldn't be the worst thing.

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