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    I think it's fine, especially since you're honoring her. However, if you're really uncomfortable with the names being so similar, I would choose Hannah.

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    sans-serif]@sansa_nanami I guess my point is that no one would bat an eye if this was a boy being named after a grandfather. In many families it is almost expected. I don't get why it is so different when the name in question is for a girl and it isn't even the same name... It is a

    While I agree with you that some recipients may not care for a "passed down" name, the original poster started her post by sharing that she really likes their name choice and that they want to honor the grandmother. So basically she is asking if it is a disservice to the child to share a similar name. Is it wrong to honor grandparents? Absolutely not. I also agree with previous posters about the grandma being called Mom or Grandma a majority of the time so it really is a moot issue. I don't care for double standards so I think that is why I feel so strongly about it but I do realize that you have first hand experience in this issue so it is good to hear opposing thoughts... Get all the pros and cons out in the open.
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    I think it's ok, I like the idea of using a longer name with an Anne sound in it.

    Hannah and Susannah are lovely.

    Annabelle/Annabella - both of which could use nn Bella to avoid Annie confusion.

    I really do adore the nn Annie though.

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    I was named after both my grandmothers and even lived with the one who shared my first name for about ten years. I don't remember it ever being confusing. Of course, I went by a nickname that sounded very different from the formal name (Meg, a nickname for Margaret), but still, my mom and her brother called her Mom and the grandkids called her Busha, so it was rare for me to even hear my grandmother called Margaret.
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    Thanks everyone! The main thought seems to be that it is ok to go with Anna as a possibility. The middle name will be Caroline, whatever first name we go with as that is the other Granny. Given that a lot of you don't think it's too close to have an Anna, that is firmly at the top of the list still. We will see whether baby looks like a Susannah, Hannah or Anna and decide then I think (if it's a girl that is ).

    There are so many beautiful variants of Anne, thank you for the additional ideas. We have come down to these three after lots and lots of debate, and these are the only three we can both agree we both love, so we will see what baby looks like I reckon


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