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    Is Anna too close to Anne (which is Grandmother's name)?

    Hi Everyone,

    For a girl's name, we would like a variant of Anne (one of the baby's grandmothers). Our favourite option is Anna, but I am concerned it is simple too close to Anne for daily use. What do you reckon? Is this too close for a grandaughter/grandmother? I know I will end up slipping into calling the wee one Annie if she is Anna, and Granny is at times called Annie for short.

    Our other thoughts are Hannah or Susannah.


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    I prefer Susannah of your names. Anna is too close to Anne.
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    Anna is too similar. Hannah or Susannah are both nice.

    Suggestions: Annora, Anouk, Annette, Anais
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    Many families do multiple generations with one name or nicknames or very close variants. I say go for it. It's a great way to honor her grandmother, and I reckon context will usually make it pretty clear.

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    I don't think it's too close at all. The whole point is to honor the grandmother so who cares if they may have the same nick name?

    There are MUCH worse things than having a similar name/nn as a beloved grandmother. I don't normally voice such strong opinions on here but those that disagree are completely wrong. It's not like you are naming siblings Anne and Anna. Now that would be ridiculous. And how many "Juniors" are out there that have the same EXACT name as their fathers? They make it work just fine.
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