View Poll Results: Which of these do you prefer as a sibling to Cordelia and Gretchen?

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  • Aurelius (nickname Ari)

    6 6.25%
  • Alaric

    17 17.71%
  • Ari

    1 1.04%
  • Henry

    12 12.50%
  • Matthias

    12 12.50%
  • Aurelian

    1 1.04%
  • Theodore (husband's pick - nn Theo)

    34 35.42%
  • Julian or Julius (not sure which I prefer at this point)

    10 10.42%
  • Ptolemy

    1 1.04%
  • All terrible. Start over!

    2 2.08%
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Thread: Boy Names

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    I think Matthias is perfect with Gretchen and Cordelia. Theodore and Julius are tied for my second pick, but it's a great list overall.

    I'm glad you're hanging in there, and I hope things will get better for you soon.
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    I appear to be the sole (so far) vote for Ari. It's just one of my favorite names. I also quite like Henry and Theodore.

    Actually, now that I see that your girls are Gretchen and Cordelia, I think Theodore is the best choice.
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    I thought Matthias was the best choice with Cordelia and Gretchen, but Theodore is my top baby boy name so I quite like that one too. In third place would be Alaric.

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    What an awesome list! Love your name style! My favorite of all the names personaly is Alaric (nn Ari or Alec) but with your girls names I love Theodore and Mathias! Honestly though you can't go wrong with any of them. I'm another who followed your gender disappointment thread but didn't comment because I couldn't think of anything to say that hadn't already been said, but my heart really went our to you! Somewhere in that thread didn't you mention really likeing Ptolemy? Due to that I really would urge you to use it. Maybe Ptolemy Theodore or Theodore Ptolemy so you get both your and hubby's favorites in one name? Gosh, you have so many awesome choises it's hard to pick just one!
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    I voted for Henry but I love Mattias too!

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