View Poll Results: Which of these do you prefer as a sibling to Cordelia and Gretchen?

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  • Aurelius (nickname Ari)

    6 6.25%
  • Alaric

    17 17.71%
  • Ari

    1 1.04%
  • Henry

    12 12.50%
  • Matthias

    12 12.50%
  • Aurelian

    1 1.04%
  • Theodore (husband's pick - nn Theo)

    34 35.42%
  • Julian or Julius (not sure which I prefer at this point)

    10 10.42%
  • Ptolemy

    1 1.04%
  • All terrible. Start over!

    2 2.08%
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Thread: Boy Names

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    Boy Names

    This is a followup to my gender disappointment thread, which really was quite wonderful and I deeply appreciate everyone's help. I went through all my name lists again and my name book and the names other people suggested and wanted to see how others felt about these choices. No middle names yet. Feel free to comment.

    Still not doing well, depression-wise, but I'm trying here. Thanks for the support.
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    Theodore was my pick, followed by Henry. Hope you start feeling better soon.

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    Aurelius is my top pic by far. It really just shines with its regal, noble quality. It's such a dashing, sophisticated name... like he should be a knight in shining armour. Theodore would by my #2... it's extremely cute and vintage, and has so many potential nns... but it does lack the dashing quality that Aurelius has for me... Hope you feel better soon... just take things slow...
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    Really tough choice for me. I really really like a lot of them. I ended up voting for Aurelius, because this was on my own list for quite some time. But I could easily have voted for any of the others (except for Matthias and Ptolemy- not such a fan of these two).

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    I voted for Julian, but also like Henry, Matthias, Theodore, and Alaric
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