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    So happy you decided to stick with Job! I saw your other thread and never got around to commenting but I just love the name. The story is really inspiring as everyone goes through some sort of trials in life ( though most not as much as biblical Job).

    I saw the negative comments on your original post and so hoped they wouldn't change your mind, it's funny how negative comments about a name can make you feel a bit defensive of it and realize just how much you really love it.
    Thanks! Yeah, it was actually good to hear all sides of the opinion on Job, especially from people I don't know, but who know names. It helped brace me and make my mind more firm. You're right about that! I tried to hear everyone out, but at the end of the day, the objections didn't seem as great as the reason and meaning behind the name for us. We also think it's a traditional, strong name that will be just fine for a kid, then a man.

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