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    Great choice! Job is unexpected and great!
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    Isn't it funny how you come across a name you love and suddenly it, or names like it crop up everywhere. I've been toying with Jove recently, and then discovered an Aussie forty player called Jobe.
    Job is sweet in a little boy and handsome on a man. I imagine a tall, quiet but friendly, intelligent bearer of this name. The meaning is a little grim but James means surplanter and that's been popular for centuries. I think your right persecuted leads me to think perseverance, and strength dispite adversary.
    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

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    So happy you decided to stick with Job! I saw your other thread and never got around to commenting but I just love the name. The story is really inspiring as everyone goes through some sort of trials in life ( though most not as much as biblical Job).

    I knew a Job in my college English class and I really always enjoyed saying his name although I didn't know him well.

    I saw the negative comments on your original post and so hoped they wouldn't change your mind, it's funny how negative comments about a name can make you feel a bit defensive of it and realize just how much you really love it.

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    Congrats on your baby! I am glad you were able to decide on such a meaningful name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by saracita00 View Post
    Oh, thank you for checking in again! Do come back and post in the Birth Announcement section when little Job arrives so his handsome name will make the Nameberry Quarterly Report over in the blog section.

    Incidentally, I recently heard of a friend-of-friend with a little guy, only 1 maybe 2 years old, called Joby. I think his birth certificate name is Job. So I think there may be other parents out there sharing your opinion on Job's good name.

    Congratulations on your boy and name choice!
    I will! I am super excited about the name and having a boy--now that I'm getting over the surprise!

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