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    So we're expecting a boy

    Boys names are proving to be difficult to pin down some we both really love. There seem to be more criteria limiting choices for boys. First of all our last name begins with R so we shy away from names beginning or ending with that letter. Our last name is also one syllable so at least 2 syllables and it's a noun so word names can be problematic. My Hubby is the third so the fourth is on the table but he's open to other options as well but really wants to honor his father so middle names are somewhat limited to Jack, Jackson, Harold, Jack Harold. A vowel name would be a way to include my side if we chose to. Our daughter is Talaria Persephone but we'd like something a little less obscure for a boy but not top 100. Her name is meaningful for us but doesn't honor any family members. We like mythology, not just Greek. So far we are ok with the following...

    Horatio - one of the few we still like from first pregnancy.
    Otis - our toddler's pick as it's her favorite story.
    Phoenix - very meaningful imagery for Hubby probably his first choice at the moment.
    Emmett - reminds me of my late Grandpa but not quite it, perhaps something similar?

    Comments and suggestions please and thanks very much in advance.

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    I would stick with family tradition since I love that and come up with a nick name to call him. The fourth is quite special and I love little boys named after their dads (if they are good dads and deserve the honor).

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    I actually kinda love Horatio, but I think it might be a bit hard for a kid to pull off. Ajax is a cleaning product here, so even though I'm familiar with the mythology that's still my first association. IMO Phoenix is a no-go if your last name is a word name (although I guess it depends on the name).

    Emmett's my favourite from your list. Emmett Jackson sounds good to me. Or Emerson, Emrys?

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    Dregina- we're on the same track as most of your suggestions I've already tried and Hubby has vetoed though Ozias did stick around for a bit.

    Crimsoncat- we are planning to take 2 or 3 combos in with us in addition to the fourth and decide once he is born. This worked out best with our daughter as we ended up mixing up our combos to fit her. My Hubby is less interested in having a son named after him than honoring his dad so we're looking at lots of ways to do that.

    Gateauxgato- Horatio is a lot of name. Hubby likes Horatio Hornblower and I like it from Hamlet. Phoenix is less of a location than some word names like River or North but that is why I'm not sold on it. I keep saying it and trying it out hoping it'll grow on me because it is super meaningful for Hubby so we'll see. Emmett begins the same as my name and I'm not sure if that's too close for me. My grandpa's name was Elmer so maybe an El name? I'm also aware of loading my son down with a lot of family significance when we didn't do that with our daughter.

    Thanks everyone, any more comments or suggestions?

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