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    We have narrowed our list

    We have narrowed our list down ,finally to a few if he is a boy. I know our style is not for many berries but we love them and that is what matters. Which of these can you see with this sibset Jesse,Jamie,kellan.....3boys
    Shea or shay
    Shael,pronounced has meaning and a very close friend had this name

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    Hayes is too old-fashioned to fit in... I think I'd go for Shea... Both Avery and Shea are unisex, but so are Jamie and Jesse (Jessie)... I think Shale is too harsh, and Avery is too trendy. Shea is a happy medium (and I've never met a girl named Shea).
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    Avery, I love this name.

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    Hayes or Avery...Shay/Shea is feminine to me.
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