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    Impressions of 4 names

    I've love to hear what springs to mind for you with the following names - what kind of man you think would be likely to have this name? What is your initial reaction to the name?





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    Alonzo- Sounds like a muppet (sorry)...
    Emmanuel- I have a great-uncle Manny, and a friend Manny... It's an extremely old name for me, but it makes me think of a kind, caring man,
    Ruben- I had a neighbor with this name years ago. It's quite vintage chic to me, and makes me think of a cool, down-to-earth sort of a guy.
    Gideon- Very old school... I think of a farmer.
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    Alonzo - Made me think of a thirty something Italian guy who is a ladies man.
    Emmanuel - A quiet boy. Not nerdy, but would rather stick to his books.
    Ruben - He's outgoing. Very friendly.
    Gideon - An outdoorsy kid. Loves adventures. Always getting his clothes dirty.

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    Alonzo- My initial 'personality' reaction to this name is something Alonzo Mourning like, so my first thought is a 7 foot tall, African-American, amazing basketball player who seems more humble than a lot of his counterparts. Probably due in part to this basketball player, I associate the name with someone outgoing, athletic and friendly with a knack for the ladies, though perhaps a bit egotistical.

    Emmanuel- I have a lot of different pictures for this name, and feel like it could fit a variety of personalities. I think I most strongly think of someone who is a little shy, very intelligent and creative.

    Ruben- Reuben/Ruben seems like the name of someone who would host backyard BBQ's. Someone very down-to-earth who lives his live in a very simple way, and wouldn't want it any other way. He goes fishing on Saturday mornings.

    Gideon- Gideon has two distinct 'personalities' in my mind. One 'personality' is someone a bit judgemental that tries to live a good life, but tends to pull others down to raise himself up in the process. Or another distinct one in my mind is someone who has a very spiritual nature and is full of a kind and caring spirit that radiates to those around him.

    My favorite of the names is Emmanuel, then Reuben, then Alonzo, then Gideon.

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    Alonzo has a laid back feel to me. I like the sound of it. I just dont love the look of it for some reason I can't pinpoint.
    Emmanuel gives off a religious vibe to me.
    Ruben sounds like the name of someone cool that I'd want to know and hang out with (i dont know any). Interesting, artistic. I prefer Reuben though very much. Ruben looks incomplete to me.
    I don't really know what I'd picture for a Gideon. It's an odd name to me, I can't decide how I feel about it. I do like its quirkiness.

    My order of preference is Reuben, Alonzo / Gideon (tie), then Emmanuel.
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