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    I see the appeal, aesthetically. The thing is, Levin is a very common Jewish surname, and we're not a culture that typically uses surnames as first names, either to honor or just because. So it comes across as very out-of-place to me.

    From your list, I like Lleyton and Luca. Lleyton Wiley sounds good to me!

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    In my search for Persian and Turkish names usable in the US, I stumbled across one that I like a lot: Levent. It's similar to Levin, but seems even more refined. You still get the spectacular Lev nn, but it seems a bit more polished to me. Plus, there are the issues @spring13 brought up. Only problem is that it doesn't have the most spectacular meaning, if you care about that (something about sailors)...
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    I like Levin but prefer Levon.

    From your list, I like Luca, Lyle (as a middle name), Henry (obviously), Jacob, Wiley, and Rafferty.
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    I feel lukewarm about Levin. Levon is better. It sounds like a trendy replacement of Devin/Devon, even though it has historical roots. What about Lev or Levi or Lewis?

    Of the names from your other list, you seem to like trendier names (not that it's a bad thing because I am attracted to most of them, too!). My faves from it are Holden and Rafferty.

    Rafferty Sage
    Holden Macauley

    While Camden is a lovely-sounding name, I can't get over the association to the less-than-savory city. Plus, as it's been a favorite of celebs lately, I see this name absolutely BOOMING this year and next year. If that doesn't bother you, then Camden is a nice choice. What about Camden Sage, Camden Jacob, or Camden Lyle?

    Lazarus is a very interesting name, but that's a BIG name to carry. Although, I know a little tyke who pulls of Solomon really well! What about Lorenzo, Lucian, or Lachlan?

    I don't love Wiley in the first name spot. What about Wesley, Westley, William nn Wiley, Wade, Wilson, West, Wallace, or Willis?

    Best of luck!

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    Levin is a trashy backwater town in New Zealand :/
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