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    I love my full name - I have 2 middles (which made me feel fancy as a small child! - but I rarely use my middle. My parents never even "middle named" me when I got in trouble!

    When my University roommate found out my middle name, she created the nickname "Clarice-Elise" - but that was the first time anyone had come up with that, surprisingly (my name is Claire Elise).

    Really, in day to day life, I'm only ever Claire.

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    I practically never use my middle name. I would say most people don't even know my middle name, not that it's a secret. It just never comes up. I don't even remember my parents ever using my middle name, but I was also just a super good kid who never got in trouble. Haha! (I'm actually not joking, it's pretty much true. My father confided in me as an adult that he didn't know whether my brother and I were really good kids or just too smart for him that we never got caught doing anything bad, but he was happy with that either way!)

    My husband sometimes calls me Suzy as a pet name, which is a diminutive of my middle name. We also sometimes call our daughter by her first name + a diminutive of her middle name just because we like it. We actually sort of considered that when naming her. Her middle name is Lucille in honor of my grandmother, but we had at one point considered Lucy as a first name. We figured we could call her Lucy the way my husband calls me Suzy, just to be cute.

    My husband definitely never uses his middle name. He couldn't even be known by it if he wanted to. It's his mother's maiden name, which sometimes could work as a first name, but this one definitely does not. If we have a son, his middle name will be my maiden name. He could probably get away with using it instead of his first name, or at least a nickname that's derived from it, but I doubt he'd want to. We have a pretty good first name picked out for that guy which also has some nickname possibilities (although I'm not crazy about all of them, but he might be).

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    I don't use mine except in pretty formal situations (namely graduating), though I will include my middle initial every once in a while in my signature. I do sometimes wish my nickname flowed better with my middle (Katherine Anne flows well, but Kate Anne or Katie Anne sounds a little choppy to me, maybe it's just me tho). If my nickname and middle flowed better I'd definitely use them together every now and then.
    My boyfriend goes by his first, but in many written communications he signs his first two initials, JM.
    My cousin's first kid goes by a nickname of his middle name. He's Michael Mac--- and goes by Mac, since day one. Michael was his grandpa's middle name, and Mac--- is his mom's maiden name. I love the nn Mac.

    Sometimes I do wonder if it really matters what the middle name is, or how it flows. While the whole name is nice when it does, I shouldn't fret as much about middles to fit with first names. I do like the two initials to go together, like my boyfriend uses. KA doesn't sound that... complete or something (it's the 'ay' sounds that run together), and as such I've never used my two initials alone.

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    Never as it is really common Ebony Anne. It got used when I was in trouble and thats about it. I do like it and plan to give my child it as a middle aswell
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    Pretty much never. I mean, I need it for forms and applications, but otherwise never. Sometimes people are curious, and I tell them, but it gets very little use. And I'm past the age where if I do something bad, my parents yelling "Athena Janel" has little effect. I don't know anybody who used their middle names over their first (but then again I just may be oblivious.)

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