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    use of mn in your life?

    how many of you nameberrys go by your middle name?*or perhaps your children, or anyone you know?

    Do you get called your first name sometimes and your middle name other times? Or a mixture of the two?*

    (Personally, the ONLY time in my whole life that my mn was used was when I was in trouble as a small kid: my mum would shout my full name lol!)

    As an adult, I hardly ever use my middle name, practically none of my friends know it, (it's not a horrible name, I just never use it!) and I rarely use it when filling in forms, unless specifically asked for a mn. It's kind of a non existent name for me!

    I'm just wondering what everyone else's experience is with their mn really

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    When my parents chose my names, they intended to call me by my middle. They just thought Agnes Ottilie sounded better than Ottilie Agnes. However, when I was born they decided to use my first because they loved how it sounds in French (we lived in France back then). When we moved to England I hated how people pronounced my name, so I started going by my middle instead. When I was 19-20 I started using my first again. So half the people I know call me Agnes, Agnessa, Agnoushka, names like that, and the other half uses Ottilie. And a very few uses both (grandparents). It's never been a big issue for me, I've just told my teachers/professors that I go by my middle, and that's been that.

    My boyfriend goes by his second middle in his private life, always has and that was the intention. He uses his first name as his artistic name though.
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    I have never actually used my middle name for anything (sadly). I've been called Elly throughout my entire childhood, but that's because in Danish, the -eli- in Zelia sounds slightly like that, and it has nothing to do with my middle name (though lots of people think so). I really love middles, I think it's interesting to hear the stories behind people's first names, but often I find that the stories behind middles are much more exciting.

    I know some people who go by their middle names, mainly people who don't like their first names or have good friends or family members with the same first name.
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    The only time my middle name was used was also when I was in trouble, I think that's a common thing for parents to do. Now I never really use it except to fill out forms.

    I know of 2 people who go by their middle name. One is my Grandpa, he uses his middle because he HATES his first name. The other is my cousin and she uses her middle because she doesn't like her first name because it's a boy's name (Jordan).

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    I don't know anyone that goes by their middle name. If someone called out my middle name in a crowd, I wouldn't even respond. Going by two names must be so confusing, constantly having to listen out for both.

    I go by my first name only, as does my DH. We only call our daughter by her first name, unless we are cross with her, in which case I tend to call her by her full name, including middle and surname. She knows I mean business when I call her by her whole name

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