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    Do you think the number of syllables are important in a name?

    I've always favored shorter names. Seth, Miles, etc. The longest name on my list is Rosemary, and even then, I plan on calling her Rose or Rosie.
    Now, this wouldn't be a problem - except my boyfriend's last name is only one syllable. I don't want to post it, but substitute the word "noise". Do you think one-syllable names with one-syllable last names are a no-no? If I absolutely have my heart set on Seth, should I use a longer middle name to balance it out?
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    Nahh... U get short and sharp or ones that flow.. Never makes much diff to me i like the name i will use it lol

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    Ideally, first names and surnames should contain different syllables but rules are made to be broken! Some one-syllable fn and ln combos can sound awesome so it totally depends on the way they flow together. For example, John Wayne's name sounded ok (much better than his REAL name of Marion Mitchell Morrison. Yikes!). If he had changed it to something like Zane Wayne it wouldn't have worked out so well. If you have your heart set on Seth Noise, then use it. The sounds of the two names are different so the combo doesn't sound bad at all.
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