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    I've always gone by my middle name.

    I have a daughter who goes by her first and middle together, double barreled (without a hyphen.)

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    My middle name is Quinn and it's been used on and off my whole life. My family will occasionally call me just Quinn but I get called Allison Quinn by quite a few people, friends and family, whether I'm in trouble or not! I always got asked about my middle name growing up whenever people (commonly teachers) saw my initials as Quinn was an unusual name at the time! I also know a couple of people that go exclusively by their middle names.

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    I never use my middle name except on legal forms. And usually then it's only the initial.

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    Even though I like my middle (Summer) better than my first (Tawny), I never felt motivated enough to ask anyone to call me by the middle. I've known a few people who went by their middles--it seemed like a pain in the butt in school/roll-call situations.

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    I never have used my middle name unless my parents were telling me off. My Dh does call me Amelia Jane affectionately sometimes so I call him by his first and middle as well to tease him as he doesn't like his full name

    It's the same with my daughter, sometimes we call her by her full name, Senia Hero, affectionately but not that often. We usually call her by her full name (inc. surname!!) when she's in trouble, which seems quite common, haha!
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