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    I use both my middle initials when signing my name. My middle has a cutesy -ie diminutive, so my parents always called me by my full first and diminutive second as a pet name.
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    Almost never. I had an uncle who always called me by both names, but he died several months ago. It breaks my heart knowing nobody will ever call me that again. I have one friend who uses her middle name as a surname artistically because it sounds so pretty with her first, but other than that nobody I know ever uses their middles. I'll probably call my children by their first and middle like my uncle did with me. It makes the whole name special.
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    Several of my aunts and uncles go by their middles. In the workplace, one or two of them started to use their first names, but the family still calls them by their middle. One of my cousins exclusively (as far as I know) goes by his middle. So it's fairly common in my family. My aunt complained that it raised issues when she went to school or to work and had to switch to the other name. She would have preferred to just be called by her first all the time. If I had a less blah middle (it's Marie), I would like to switch it up and use an alternate name.
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    My youngest daughter goes by her middle name. Hadley was what we wanted to be her name and the only way we liked it with our last name was putting Hadley as a middle name. I love her first and her middle name, but Hadie suits her better.

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    I know one kid that goes by his middle name. His first name is Douglas and I don't think he likes it much.

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