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    A Name Of All Languages

    My husband and I are huge on languages and culture. We always joke about the environment our kids will be raised in, and how it will confuse them. We cook cuisine of all sorts, speak multiple languages, listen to music from all over and from all eras, and this seems to influence our name choices!

    I just realized that the names we really love the most are names that sound good in many different languages. For instance, we love the name Sebstian. Everyone that hears the name seems to say 'that is a good strong (insert language here) name.' Spanish, polish, Russian, Italian... It sounds good in everything! Too bad we can't use Sebastian!

    One of our top contenders for boys is Merrick. Sounds like a surname in English. In polish it is Marek. And saying it in a Latin language sounds pretty good too! And while that is not the reason we chose it, it definitley makes me love it more than some of our other options. While Rhett and Flynn are perfect in English.... It just doesn't match up in other languages/cultures.

    For girls my husband loves Natalia. Again, perfect in so many languages. And while I am not sure i love it yet, i do love the fact that it fits that bill.

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE our other options... Cora and Ivy for girls, Liam, Callen, Macoy, Rhett and Flynn for boys.... I would love them so much more if they fit into our multi lingual and cultural household!

    So.... What names do you berries think fit the multi lingual category? I think what is most important to us is English, Polish, and Latin languages.

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