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    I love both Shepard and Beau! I was prepared to say Beau, but I really love Phoebe and Shepard together (although I have to say I prefer Shepherd, unless Shepard is a family name?), and now I don't know! I honestly really love both--I've been trying to get Shepherd on my list for months (albeit, not very hard, haha. But I would love to use Shepherd one day!), probably as a MN, and Beau is on my short list already.

    I think my heart is with Beau, but then I see Phoebe and Shepard, and I just sort of melt inside... and I just couldn't let it go. ergh. I'm obviously no help.
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    I vote Shepard, though I would spell it Shepherd though, it just looks better to me It makes a really cute sib-set with Phoebe too!

    Beau... it kind of blends into Phoebe if that makes sense, I think it's because the last two letters of Phoebe and the first two of Beau are the same, where as Phoebe and Shepard balance out beautifully.
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    Shepard! Sounds cute with Phoebe.

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    Shepherd (spelled this way). I just don't really like the name Beau, no better reason.

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    Those are both great names. Shepard feels a little more weighty and grown-up, Beau a little more young and playful. Though, somehow they both work well with Phoebe! Tough decision...If it were my own, I'd go with Beau because it sounds much better with our last name.

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