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Thread: Ophelia?

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    Ophelia Mary is so sweet! It would give her something classic to use, just in case. I think Ophelia Rae is also pretty cute. You could also get them both in there with the fel-heavy Ophelia Felicity/Felicity Ophelia. I don't think it's too bad with the different 'e' sounds.

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    I really, really like Ophelia. It's such a beautiful name. I also kind of like Fidelia (kind of a blend between Ophelia and Felicity).

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    I like Ophelia. On one hand its literary, historical and sophisticated sounding. It makes me think of fairies a lot (in a good way). On the other...I also hear oaf which probably isn't a big deal but I can't help but be bothered by it.
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    I much prefer Felicity, to be perfectly honest. I don't think Ophelia is a bad name, I just like the other one better. With Ophelia, as others have said, I would watch the teasing potential..I suppose any name can be made fun of, but Ophelia is one of the ones most known to be teased. If you make a point to really pronounce the "lia" at the end, it could maybe prevent some of that (instead of a blended O-feel-ya, aim for Oaf-feel-leah...if that makes sense).

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    My grandmother's name is Ofelia. Granted, it was a different time period, but she was never teased for her name. My grandfather calls her Fela (soft e) as a nickname. I think it's very elegant and will probably consider it for a future daughter as a first or middle (with the 'f' spelling for my grandma).

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