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  • Jackson Christopher

    3 9.68%
  • Mason Christopher

    2 6.45%
  • Oliver Christopher

    9 29.03%
  • Hunter Christopher

    0 0%
  • Hudson Christopher

    4 12.90%
  • Gavin Christopher

    13 41.94%
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    Wink Please vote for best name!

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    I voted for Gavin Christopher, although I think Jackson Christopher would also fit. My least favourite would be Oliver Christopher, as both names end in -er -er... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrowling. I do love Oliver with Amy, but I'd switch out the mn.
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    #1 Oliver- Fantastic Name. I like it A LOT more than any of the other options. My vote definitely goes here.
    #2 Gavin- Solid name. I like it. But doesn't work well with Ava.
    #3 Hudson- I'm pretty mediocre about it, but I think it could grow on me.
    #4 Hunter- Hmm.. maybe it could grow on me. Feel a bit last-namey to me though. Archer would be a cool alternative. Or what about Bowman?
    #5 Jackson- I've never been a fan of this as a FN. Jack is pretty cool, but I don't like Jackson much. Unless he actually is the 'son of Jack', than it'd be cool.
    #6- Mason- Mason is a name I just don't like... at all.
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    Oliver and Hudson are my favorites with big sister Ava. It depends on which direction you want to go; Ava and Oliver feels more classic and sleek, whereas Ava and Hudson feels more modern and trendy.

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    I voted Gavin Christopher, but Hudson was a very close second. If Jack Christopher was an option rather than Jackson, that would have probably gotten my vote, though--I adore Jack, and I think Ava and Jack are great together. But then again, so are Ava and Gavin, and Ava and Hudson.

    Good luck!
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