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  • Echo Scarlett B____

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  • Echo Matilda B____

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  • Scarlett Echo B____

    11 37.93%
  • Matilda Echo B____

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    first name Echo?

    We really want to use the name Echo, (personal significance) but I was hesitant to put it up front. My fiancé thinks first name Echo would be great, but I'm concerned that it's too 'out there'

    Also I think it might be a bit silly if she didn't come to us straight away in the play park for example, we'd be standing there shouting "Echo? Echo! Come here Echo.. Echo!" same thing with doctors office, school register, hmm.. don't know about that haha!

    Anyway, I spoke to my fiancé and said it would be lovely to use Echo as a mn. BUT! We've tried and tried to find a first name to go with mn Echo, and the only first names we like are Scarlett Echo, and Matilda Echo.

    Problems: Scarlett Echo + our surname, initals spell out her big brothers name Seb /Sebastian. (We've tried to think of another mn so that won't happen, but nothing has stood out) Oh and the other name Matilda Echo, I'm just not sure if it flows.

    We had the idea to swap round names (Echo Scarlett B____) to avoid initials spelling out big brothers name, or going for (Echo Matilda B____) because of the flow.. *Just on the birth certificate, and maybe just calling her Scarlett or Matilda. How many people have swapped mn and fn? Is it common?*

    Fiancé is very pleased with this possibility, as he gets to have Echo up front!! But the only thing is, she'll still be called out at doctors office etc, as "Echo B___"*

    I'm slightly concerned about what people would think of us, naming our daughter Echo, what about older relatives, would they think we're crazy?! After a traditional name for big brother like Sebastian?!*

    (If we don't use Echo as fn, we'll definitely use it as mn, it's just that if its in the mn spot, I would need opinions on Scarlett or Matilda, OR a hand from *nameberrys to choose a fn!)

    I must say that regardless of the repetitive nature of this name, (standing shouting it in the play park) I would be devastated to find that in a few years the name Echo becomes more popular and usable, I'd look back with such regret that I didn't use Echo upfront!!! What are your thoughts? Thanks!

    Echo Matilda B____
    Echo Scarlett B____

    Scarlett Echo B____
    Matilda Echo B____

    We dont think any of these go with mn Echo, but here are the sort of names we like:


    1) what do you think of Echo as fn

    2) using mn in everyday life (Echo Scarlett on birth certificate, but calling her Scarlett)

    3) thoughts on initials spelling out brothers name, does it matter?

    4) first name ideas to go with mn Echo that don't begin with 'S'


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    1) I wouldn't use Echo as a first, but it's not because of the sound, it's because of the definition o the word and the story of Echo in Greek mythology. If those things don't bother you, I say go for it. Kids are called everything these days, a little Echo isn't goin to shock anyone. And it is a beautiful sounding word.

    2) I go by my middle half the time, exclusively from I was 10 to 19-ish. It wasn't a problem. My boyfriend has always gone by his second middle.

    3) I don't think it matters. How often will you use her initials anyway? I've never seen initials used like that in daily life.

    4) Beatrix, Rosalie, Natalie, Victoria, Emmeline, Violetta, Mariette, Imogen...
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    1) Not a fan, as it's a name (and an incredibly easy one to make fun of). I know the myth, but before coming on this site I had no idea it could be a name. I actually had many Chinese students with this name (I get a lot of "out there" names... Success, Red Star, Quasimodo, Soccer, Water, Pixie, This, Celery, etc.) and just assumed this was one of those made up names... so I made them change it. I think it is a little bit out there, but if it has significance, I'd put it only as the mn.

    2) She will still be called Echo from time to time... and if you do this, PLEASE drill into her that is not anyone else's fault if they call her Echo the first (or first few) times they meet her. I used to work calling students over the phone, and was completely surprised how many people would yell at you for calling them by the wrong name. It's a little bit annoying for teachers, doctors office secretaries, etc., but not a big deal... as long as you teach her not to make it a big deal.

    3) I doubt anyone will notice or care... plus, it could be something cute to link them...

    4) I wouldn't use a nouny/ descriptive name like Rose, Savannah, etc. as it sounds like you're describing the echo...

    Jessamine Echo, Cressida Echo, Genevieve Echo, Callista Echo, Helena Echo, Imogen Echo, Jacqueline Echo, Natalia Echo, Adelaide Echo, Antonia Echo, Augustina Echo, Christiana Echo, Carina Echo, Regina Echo, Rafaela Echo, Rosalind Echo, Roxana Echo, Tamsin Echo, Oriana Echo, Felicia Echo, Georgiana Echo, Eveline Echo
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    1) I think Echo as a first name is really sweet, but I would probably still put it as a middle name to stay in keeping with the feel that Sebastian's name gives.

    2) I don't think there's any point using Echo as the first name when you're not going to call her that.

    3) I think it's sweet that her initials may spell out her brother's name. Gives them a connection!

    4) Ideas that don't start with an 's':
    Beatrix Echo
    Cassia Echo
    Penelope Echo
    Amara Echo
    Athena Echo
    Naomi Echo
    Cassandra Echo
    Annabel Echo
    Kathryn Echo
    Evangeline Echo
    Imogen Echo
    Juliet Echo
    Maria Echo
    Ophelia Echo
    Rosalie Echo
    Asteria Echo
    Isephina Echo
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    I think 'Echo, Echo, Echo' at the park etc would be too much (also 'Echo, repeat after me...').

    Matilda is lovely and Echo makes an interesting middle.
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