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  • Anna Caroline

    22 23.91%
  • Grace Caroline

    26 28.26%
  • Charlotte Jane

    25 27.17%
  • Caroline Joy

    19 20.65%
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    O.K. of these four-

    Anna Caroline
    Grace Caroline
    Charlotte Jane
    Caroline Joy

    Siblings are: Maggie, Jonah, Kelsey-Rose, Emma, Mary-Elizabeth, Levi, Isaiah, Sophie-Claire, Sarah Katherine, Serena

    Here are my thoughts, give me some feed back please.

    Anna Caroline- beautiful, but next to Serena may look a bit "plain"?

    Grace Caroline- I love this, really can not find flaws, and I think next to Serena it is a good balance...

    Charlotte Jane- Love this one as well, however, my grandmother who I am close to has a strong aversion to it, as she can not stand a woman with that name.. I have told her, we are not naming the baby after said woman, but she has begged me not to use it.. I am not sure I can get over her hatred for the name?? Though I think this could possibly sound the best with our other children... Thoughts?

    Caroline Joy- Love Caroline, but as I have mentioned, for some unexplainable reason where we live it is often times pronounced "Carolyn" even spelled with the "LINE" ending... worried I will be forever correcting people, but maybe I am over worried...

    Hubby's favorite is:
    Grace Caroline (he told me he wants a "Gracie")
    Anna Caroline
    Charlotte Jane
    Caroline Joy
    ~ "How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers."~ Mother Teresa

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