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  • Anna Caroline

    22 23.91%
  • Grace Caroline

    26 28.26%
  • Charlotte Jane

    25 27.17%
  • Caroline Joy

    19 20.65%
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    Well, the fact that I am considering using Grace has nothing to do with the number of children I have. Simply, I love the name, and I regret now putting it in an obscure second name spot for one of my daughters, there for it is rarely said or heard. Of course there are a lot of beautiful names out there! This I know all to well :O) However, it boils down to what you really love, at least that has been my way of looking at naming each one of my children... also any family significance has come into consideration. I would feel the same if I only had one child

    I have been surprised to see Charlotte sky rocket up the charts! And I agree with you, I do think it is headed for the top 10. Good thing, is, I have never heard it on a baby or small child around where I live. It is something to think about for me
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    Well, I clearly can't really help you with this decision. I am so torn myself between Grace and Caroline. Those two (with Theresa) are my clear front runners if we have another girl. I don't think it matters if you have used it as a second middle. Anna is lovely too but I like the strength of Grace and Caroline. Charlotte has never really done anything for me though I can see the appeal. Also since you ruled out Susannah because of the "s" sound the "sh" in Charlotte seems to be pretty close.

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    I voted for Caroline Joy - I love this! But my second favorite for you is Grace Caroline, because your husband loves it so much!

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    Och, you're killing me here! I love the strength and feminine richness of Grace Caroline, and the spunky sweetness of Caroline Joy, and the sweet classic, sort of subdued feel of Charlotte Jane. And I would be seriously tickled pink to see you have one of any of these! I think Grace, Caroline, and Charlotte are all perfect for you. Anna Caroline is very sweet and I want to like it--and it's not even that I dislike it--I just can't get excited about it like I love Grace, Caroline, and Charlotte for you.

    I'm sure your grandmother wouldn't think you're using Charlotte to spite her. And she'd get to love Charlotte because she'll love your daughter. You obviously love it--and I think if you love it most when this baby's born, I would definitely use it. Then again, my family has made it clear they don't like most of my names, anyway (my sister has tried to bargain with me to get me to give up Caleb--she says I can have her top choice--consequently my second--if I refuse to ever use Caleb. ha!), but that it's my choice and that they'll love my baby, no matter what the name. So I've never really put a lot of stock into what family members think, but I'm sure it's more important to others, and it seems it's important to you.

    Grace Caroline is probably my favorite this time around, but I really love Charlotte and Caroline, so much!
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    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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