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    Ok, sorry to comment again... the more I think about it, the more I lean towards Jasper. Jasper is a gem, which links it to nature... which would be important for linking it to your wife's Naxi culture. I think this also links quite well to Rayhan's name, as Rayhan is a nature name meaning 'basil'. Jasper is also a variation of the Persian name Caspar, so both Rayhan and Jasper would be linked by heritage (which is also kinda cool to me, as Javad is Arabic/ Persian). While I like Emrys' meaning and magical quality, I would pose the question (since I know very little about the Naxi): Do you think that it would represent your wife's culture as well? Ioas would already represent your Baha'i religion (it's from Leroy Ioas, right?), and Brandt I remember being from your side of the family... So I guess I would support Jasper as I feel like it might tie him to his brother's name, father's name, and his mother's culture a bit better... Emrys is also nice, but Jasper is ahead by a hair for me... unless I am wrong, and Emrys represents your wife's side just as well (this would be a deciding factor for me).
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    Thanks for the further thoughts! I don't have time to respond to everyone individually right now, but I appreciate everything everyone's said. A lot of the things you're saying about Jasper @Tfzol is why I can't bring myself to cut Jasper (as well as a few other reasons). And yes, Ioas is in memory of Leroy Ioas. And there are some subtle poetic connections between the 'jasper' reference in the Bible and the particular things Leroy Ioas dedicated much of his life to pursuing, which is one of the reasons I really like linking those two names together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    I think you'll find Jasper will get more cursory "vote but don't comment" votes, whereas those of us who have followed your naming journey and understand the reasons behind your choices seem to be leaning towards Emrys.
    That was what I was thinking as well.

    I voted Emrys Nabil. You've been in love with Emrys for such a long time, it's consistently been in the top, it's got so much meaning to you and I feel it compliments Rayhan's mysterious nature perfectly. They're different, but go so well together. Jasper is a beautiful name too; you can't go wrong, but there's something special and magical about Emrys that draw me in...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    I like Jasper a little better than Emrys for a first name but I think that Emrys Nabil Brandt combo flows better. I'm not crazy about the shared "as" of Jasper Ioas. Have you considered Jasper Nabil Brandt as a combo?

    I imagine a boy named Jasper as...spunky, happy-go-lucky (no pun intended ), curious, artistic, creative and bold. Jasper Lucky sounds like someone famous.

    Emrys sounds like he would be a more serious, studious, quiet boy.
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    Thanks for the further responses!
    I thought I'd give a little further reflection on why I like these two names, and their particular combos, to see if that sways any of your thoughts at all.
    Emrys Nabil- A lot of you who have been closely following my naming process seem to prefer this one for me. I like Emrys for the following reasons:
    - I'm about 1/4 Welsh, this name is Welsh
    - I love the sound of it (though it's a bit 'softer' than most of my other favorites). Sounds like someone very friendly and kind to me.
    - I love the meaning of it ('immortal one'-- which to me represents the immortality of the soul, which gives the name a 'soulful' feeling to me

    Nabil is a very significant name in my religion (the name of one of the earliest historians of the Baha'i Faith, who was just an amazing soul in so many ways), plus I love the sound (nah-beel) and the meaning ('noble').
    Jasper Ioas- I almost feel like my connection to this name might have a deeper significance in some ways. I like Jasper for the following reasons:
    - It's a gemstone (nature related name). My son's name (Rayhan) means 'basil' in Persian and 'flower of paradise' in Sanskrit (also a nature related name). My wife's name is Lily (also nature related)
    - It has roots in the Persian (as does my son's name and my name)
    - This one may get a little theological for some of you (in summary- the name has religions significance to me), but in the Bible, jasper is used when describing the building of New Jerusalem. This has significance to me as a Baha'i, because in the Writings of the Baha'i Faith it is further explained that this reference is in reference to two things-- 1) the renewal of God's message in each successive stage of Revelation (as a Baha'i I believe that almost all of the world's major religions are actually part of one continuously unfolding religion, and that all of the religions share the same spiritual principles, but that as society develops, new social requirements arise (and new societal capacities exist), and also that as humanities spiritual potentialities develop over time, we become ready for the next stage of spiritual understanding (like a child going through primary school needs a new textbook for each successive year because his capacities have increased)), and 2) the physical construction of the Baha'i World Centre on Mt. Carmel in Haifa, Israel
    - Also, we may have found a pretty solid Chinese name to go along with it. Emrys is much harder to figure out that element of the naming process with.

    Ioas is a significant religious name for me as well, and in a way that connects to Jasper in a very subtle and somewhat poetic way. Leroy Ioas was an American Baha'i born in the late 19th century who did many wonderful things, and is one of my personal heroes. One of the things he was very involved with in the last couple of decades of his life was on things related to the construction of many of the buildings on Mt. Carmel in Haifa, Israel, where the Baha'i World Centre sits (and he's buried right next to Mt. Carmel). This subtle connection between the jasper reference and Leroy Ioas' specific efforts is really awesome to me. Makes me feel like the name Jasper and the name Ioas connect together in a really unique way.

    Independently, I think I prefer Emrys Nabil to Jasper Ioas, but with the specific reasoning behind Jasper, I feel like it has a deeper significance to me, so at this moment I feel like I'm slightly swaying this way (and my wife likes both, she thinks they are both excellent names and thinks I should decide between the two).
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