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  • Jasper Ioas Brandt Lucky

    67 70.53%
  • Emrys Nabil Brandt Lucky

    28 29.47%
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    javad Guest

    Down to 2! Which do you prefer?

    I think we've narrowed it down to two boys names we're bringing with us to the hospital (due date = mid/late July).

    Which do you prefer? Why?
    What kind of personality do these names evoke in your mind?

    Jasper Ioas Brandt Lucky
    Emrys Nabil Brandt Lucky

    Lucky is the (almost) last name.

    Pronunciation Notes:
    Ioas is pronounced eye-oh-us
    Emrys is pronounced em-riss
    Nabil is pronouned nah-beel

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    Down to two! Oh, wow! And they are awesome.

    My vote went to Emrys Nabil Brandt Lucky. I have loved Emrys as a brother for Rayhan for months now. It's similarly unusual, with the shared R and Y creating a subtle aural and visual link, with just the right amount of complexity and magic. I imagine Emrys dark, serious, intelligent and reserved. He speaks seldom, but when he does, it's worth hearing.

    However, if you come home with little Jasper Ioas Brandt, I will still be thrilled. Jasper is more well-known than Emrys--a little less complex, a little less magical, but still wonderful. These three names flow together better than Emrys Nabil Brandt, both to the eye and ear. I love Ioas with Jasper. And I know that Jasper is easier than Emrys when it comes to the Chinese name issue. I see Jasper dark also, distinguished, even dapper maybe; more outgoing than Emrys, smiling and courteous.

    As always, best wishes!
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    Hmmm... this is hard. I would be really glad to see either of these used. I think Jasper and Rayhan is quite a nice sibset. I think the full name has grown on me, too. Jasper makes me think of an outgoing, slightly athletic guy who is also quite studious and intellectual. Emrys, no less spectacular, I see fitting a quiet, geeky sort of a guy... like the Dungeons and Dragons sort of a guy.
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    Too hard, I agree. Emrys Nabil and Jasper Ioas were my two favorite combos from your last post. But I think Emrys Nabil has a miniscule edge for me, only because it's less trendy than Jasper is becoming.... maybe?? haven't voted yet.

    I see Jasper as charming, popular, well-rounded.
    I see Emrys as intelligent, thoughtful, passionate. NO idea why.
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    I don't know how to pronounce Emrys... oh, right Em-riss. I don't know. I can see the nn being "Em" or "Emz" which I don't like on a boy/man too closely related to Emma and Emily.

    Personally it's not for me, it's too "out there" and unheard of. I'd be scared of my little boy having to repeat and explain his name to everyone. (unless you're Welsh of course!)

    Jasper is much more my style, a name that everyone knows, and I think (Like my little boy's name Charlie) it has that "fun" sort of feeling around it, as well as kind and gentle.

    I'd obviously go for Jasper!

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