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    Help narrow down my top 5!

    Lucius (Loo-Shus)

    *big brother is Atticus.

    Please tell me what you love/hate about these names so I can narrow down the list! (then I need to get husband on board! haha)

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    Although I love Lucius and Silas, they have the same ending sound as Atticus, so I wouldn't use them. My first choice would be Ezra, followed by Caspian. Inigo reminds me way too much of The Princess Bride.
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    Ezra & Silas are lovely!
    In my opinion, the 'strongest' sounding
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    Silas is one of my absolute favorite names (too bad the husband doesn't like it!). I also think it's the one on your list that goes best with Atticus.

    I'm not a huge fan of either Ezra or Inigo--I just can't see them on a child, but that's a personal opinion. Lucius reminds me too much of Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter. I actually also like Caspian, but it would be my second choice. My vote's for Silas!

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    Ezra- Awesome name, and quite distinct from Atticus... but it does feel a bit Biblical next to Atticus...
    Silas- A bit too similar to Atticus for me...
    Lucius (Loo-Shus)- too similar to Atticus
    Inigo- My name is Inigo Montoya... Prepare to die. I only like this as a mn,
    Caspian- Love. It is distinctive from Atticus, but ties them together with them both being quite literary names. I wanted to use this name, but DH is Iranian, and felt it would be like naming our son Tehran or something... I've never met a young Caspian, but would love to do so...

    My tops:
    1. Caspian
    2. Ezra
    3. Silas
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