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  • Jasper Ioas Brandt Lucky

    67 70.53%
  • Emrys Nabil Brandt Lucky

    28 29.47%
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    Oh dear, the baby really needs to be surprise boy twins so you can use both Emrys Nabil and Jasper Ioas! Just use Edward for Jasper's second middle...

    Thank you for the explanation of your connections to both names. I knew your reasons for loving Emrys, but the depth of meaning behind Jasper is new to me, and I especially love the subtle connection between Jasper and Ioas and the nature and language links between the whole family's names this choice would give you. Personally, I still prefer Emrys; all the reasons I've given for that opinion still hold true, and I too might be a bit concerned that Jasper's significance would be lost on most people; but it is most important that the names you choose are meaningful to you, your wife and eventually the boys. I like Jasper Ioas very much, too, and if you choose Jasper, I'll be even happier in knowing more of the meaning behind it.
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