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    like best:
    Arthur Jonah
    Julian Wilder

    Would like to suggest a new approach on: Russell Mathias and Clark Ezra
    options: Clark Russell or Russell Clark otherwise go for a longer MN like Clark Sebastian
    personally do not care for Mathias nor Ezra

    Dashiell Soren - like FN, MN not so much, would also prefer a MN that does not start with S
    for example Dashiell Adrian

    Graeme Cassius - good flow would prefer spelling FN Graham

    Milo Atlas - would pair Milo with longer MN, Milo Everett as suggested above or Milo Sebastian.

    Adrian Fisher - like Adrian, Fisher not so much

    Everett Finlay - I agree with mischa one surname per combo is best

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    Arthur Jonah- I like Arthur but not a fan of it with Jonah
    Cormac Rowan - very strong name, great combo
    Julian Wilder- this a fun combo, although it depends on your last name with Wilder
    Russell Mathias -> not a fan of either name
    Clark Ezra -> Clark is ok, but Ezra doesn't work for the middle in my opinion. Ezra Clark is nice though
    Dashiell Soren -> I am not on the Dashiell bandwagon, I feel both these names are very trendy especially on the naming boards
    Graeme Cassius -> handsome, Graeme is soft while Cassius gives it some edge
    Milo Atlas -> very handsome, Atlas is a fun middle name
    Adrian Fisher-> not a fan of either name
    Everett Finlay-> I love Everett but not big on Finlay, Everett Finn is handsome though.

    My favorites are Cormac Rowan and Graeme Cassius

    deciding between Maxwell . Calvin . Finn

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    Didn't read any of the responses yet so I wouldn't be swayed, but it will after I post
    Arthur Jonah- I love Arthur. It's one of my favorite A names and sounds quite dignified. My only concern would be nicknames... I'm just no fan of Art or Arty. Jonah is ok with it, I kind of prefer Arthur Jonas
    Cormac Rowan - a little strong on the irish feel. I love both names on their own, but together they kind of compete for attention. I think it might have to do with both being two syllables.
    Julian Wilder- Oooh very nice. He sounds like an artist or writer. I have a little trouble saying both L sounds after each other, but that's probably just me. Written out especially, it looks really nice.
    Russell Mathias- this sounds good too. Some would probably say Russell is older. While the only two I know are about 50 and 60 years old I still like the name, esp the nn Russ. It has an endearing charm to me.
    Clark Ezra- I'm partial to both of these names. Clark is strong but unassuming (gotta be the superman association coming through in my mind), and Ezra is one that keeps popping up on my gp/middle name list. I prefer the flow of them switched, however. Ezra Clark is really handsome.
    Dashiell Soren- Dashiell hasn't ever been a favorite of mine, it sounds like a cartoon character name to me. Soren is good though.
    Graeme Cassius- I understand this spelling but it's not my favorite. Then again the sound is lovely. Maybe I just prefer one syllable names in the middle spot, but this is another I like switched around.
    Milo Atlas- I like it but it feels a little trendy/hipster to me.
    Adrian Fisher- that's a lovely name. Handsome (maybe because I had a crush on my brother's friend named Adrian in high school!) and really good match for the middle.
    Everett Finlay- I'd put this in my top 3 or so. I want to switch these two around as well, but the more I say them how they are the more I like it.

    My top picks are: Adrian Fisher, Clark Ezra (or Ezra Clark), Everett Finlay and either Julian Wilder or Russell Mathias.

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    Julian Wilder is one of the most handsome boys' names I've ever heard!

    You have some other great names on your list - Everett Finlay, Adrian Fisher, Graeme (love this spelling!) Cassius - but Julian Wilder is head and shoulders above them for me.

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    So much love for Julian Wilder! I really like it as well I get the issues with Cormac Rowan, Clark Ezra, and Dashiell Soren. I realize Russell might seem a little dated, but I don't actually know any, and I love the nickname Russ.

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