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    I love Julian Wilder, SO much. Arthur Jonah is very handsome and well balanced. Those are my two faves, but all of your top ten are great.

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    Thank you! Julian is my long-time favorite, and one of the only names where the popularity wouldn't affect my decision to use it. The softness of it (femininity?) is actually part of why I like it (same with Adrian, Dashiell). I'm glad that you guys are liking the combination of Julian Wilder - I agree that it sounds like a famous name and is literary, which I love. Arthur and Jonah are both new favorites, and I am also loving this combination.

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    Julian Wilder or Everett Finley. But I really love Julian!

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    Julian Wilder is very balanced and alluring. Others that caught my interest: Russell Matthias and Adrian Fisher.
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    Arthur Jonah - I love the name Arthur, probably because it's my favorite uncle's name. Jonah is okay, but not really one of my favorites.
    Cormac Rowan - I like them both separately, especially Cormac, but together they feel like too much unless you're actually Irish.
    Julian Wilder - I've always liked Julian, even though it does seem feminine. Boys can be gentle and sensitive, too, though. I surprise myself by actually really liking Wilder as a MN. Not my style at all, but someone else mentioned it recently and it sounded so good. It also balances the softness of Julian nicely. This is prob your best combo.
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    Graeme Cassius - I know someone who used Graeme as her daughter's middle name. She said it was the feminine spelling of Graham, but it could be unisex, I don't know. Just something you may want to consider looking into.
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