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    Feedback for Top Ten Boys

    I've been working on my list for a while now and would love some feedback! Which are your favorites? Which combos do you like? It helps most if you actually let me know the reasons behind your choices Thanks!

    Arthur Jonah
    Cormac Rowan
    Julian Wilder
    Russell Mathias
    Clark Ezra
    Dashiell Soren
    Graeme Cassius
    Milo Atlas
    Adrian Fisher
    Everett Finlay

    Girls list:
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    I've gotten lots of feedback for my girls list, but would love some for boys...? Thanks!

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    I love Julian Wilder from your list. It sounds like the name of a famous writer.

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    Arthur Jonah - love it. Great combination, it sounds great. I like both names a lot!
    Cormac Rowan - I'm not fond of Cormac, though I love Rowan. Dashiell Rowan would be great. Mathias Rowan would be fabulous.
    Julian Wilder - the flow is beautiful! Julian isn't one I really like, it's a bit too feminine for my taste. Wilder is a neat mn though. Everett Wilder would be nice.
    Russell Mathias - again, the flow is great on this one, but I'm not very fond of Russell, love Mathias though.
    Clark Ezra - I like both names, but I don't think they go together very well. Clark Mathias? Dashiell Ezra? I think Clark needs the balance of a 3 syllable mn
    Dashiell Soren - I like Dashiell. Soren isn't a favorite though, but it's not bad. Dashiell Finlay?
    Graeme Cassius - I like Graham, I've never seen the spelling Graeme. Not sure about the flow with Cassius, it's a bit clunky. Graeme Mathias?
    Milo Atlas - the L's run into each other a bit, but I like both names. Milo Russell? Milo Everett?
    Adrian Fisher - I feel similar about Adrian as I do about Julian (I knew a female Adrienne as a kid, so it always feels like a girls name to me). The flow of the combo is really great.
    Everett Finlay - I like this one a lot, both names are nice, if a bit trendy, and the flow is very nice as well.
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    Arthur Jonah - I love these two names and the combo is fine if your surname is not two-syllables long.
    Cormac Rowan - I like both names but together they seem like an Irish name overdose
    Julian Wilder - I love the softer Julian with the dangerous sound of Wilder in the middle spot.
    Russell Mathias - I like Matthias with two t's. Russell isn't a fave name of mine but the combo flows well.
    Clark Ezra - I like both names but they blend into each other to form one long name (Clarkezra)
    Dashiell Soren - I like both names but the pronounced s's in both names make the flow lispy.
    Graeme Cassius - These two names work well together. I love Cassius!
    Milo Atlas - Back-to-back vowels aren't ideal but this combo is ok. I love Milo much more than Atlas.
    Adrian Fisher - I love softer boys names like Adrian but I'm not crazy about the occupational name of Fisher (unless it's a family name)
    Everett Finlay - The t and the f interrupt the flow of the combo. I like both names but this combo breaks my rule: one surname per combo is best.
    All the best,

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