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    Harriet Luella - Hattie/Etta - I like both names but not together. The clunky Harriet needs a spunky middle name rather than a frilly one. I think vintage names are ready for comebacks. I must admit that Hattie gets more love from me than the more formal Harriet.
    Mabel Reverie - Maisie/Mae - I love Mabel but I wouldn't pair it with the frivolous Reverie. Mabel is another vintage choice ready for a revival (just ask Bruce Willis who named his fourth daughter Mabel)
    Susannah Sage - Susie/Sosie - I'm not a fan of alliteration. I love Susannah but Sage is too much for me. Susannah Ivy?
    Elisabeth Matisse - Elsa/Betsy - too heavy on the "s". Elisabeth is a classic and majestic choice.
    Vivienne Raleigh - I prefer the Vivian spelling rather than this French version but it's a great name. Don't like Raleigh in the middle spot.
    Clara Noemi - This has a nice flow.
    Rosalie Winter - Rosie - Probably my favourite combo on your list. Very pretty.
    Norah Colette - I prefer Nora with no "h" as it's the original spelling. I don't like the No-Co beginnings of the names.
    Virginia Haven - Ginny/Nia - This sounds very soft, delicate and pretty. It also sounds like a description of a THING rather than a PERSON (a sanctuary in the state of Virginia).
    Lucille Azura - Lucy/ Lu - too many u's. I love the vintage Lucille.
    All the best,

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    *Harriet Luella - Hattie/Etta: 2/10 Not being mean, I guess they're just not my favorites!
    *Mabel Reverie - Maisie/Mae: 7/10 LOVE Mabel, but I'm not too keen on Reverie
    *Susannah Sage - Susie/Sosie: 7/10. Not a fan of Susannah just because I think it sounds a touch prissy, but I think Sage is gorgeous. I've never heard of Sosie before, but I love it! It's so fresh
    *Elisabeth Matisse - Elsa/Betsy: 7/10. I like how traditional Elisabeth is, and Matisse is a really cool artisitic nod. Also love Betsy
    *Vivienne Raleigh - Via: 6/10. I like Vivienne, and Raleigh is okay, not my favorite but cute.
    *Clara Noemi: 8/10. Really like this one
    *Rosalie Winter - Rosie: 9/10 Gorgeous
    *Norah Colette: 7/10 Norah is not my favorite, but Colette is really classy
    *Virginia Haven - Ginny/Nia: 7/10 I think Virginia is cute, but could possibly be asking for teasing. Kids these days can be mean! I really like Haven though
    *Lucille Azura - Lucy/ Lu: 7/10 Lucille is really cute and Azura isn't my style, but is really original

    Rosalie Winter and Clara Noemi are my favorites! Also love Mabel and Sage

    Juliet, Willow, Camilla, Luna, Genevieve, Lorelai, Clarice, Emmeline, Isla, Eloise, Amelia, Mabel, Aurelia, Lumina, Lavender

    Declan, Camden, Leo, Luca, Oliver, Rhys, Griffin, Milo, Yves, Rémy, Theo, Jasper, Gavin, Anders, Félix, Ollivander, Maxim

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    Clara Noemi is by far my favourite.

    Rosalie Winter is great too, but I do not like the nn Rosie. Norah and Lucille are very pretty names too, but I don't like your combos with these names.

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    Thanks everyone! Love hearing all the opinions.

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