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    Harriet Luella - Hattie/Etta - I like both names but not together. The clunky Harriet needs a spunky middle name rather than a frilly one. I think vintage names are ready for comebacks. I must admit that Hattie gets more love from me than the more formal Harriet.
    Mabel Reverie - Maisie/Mae - I love Mabel but I wouldn't pair it with the frivolous Reverie. Mabel is another vintage choice ready for a revival (just ask Bruce Willis who named his fourth daughter Mabel)
    Susannah Sage - Susie/Sosie - I'm not a fan of alliteration. I love Susannah but Sage is too much for me. Susannah Ivy?
    Elisabeth Matisse - Elsa/Betsy - too heavy on the "s". Elisabeth is a classic and majestic choice.
    Vivienne Raleigh - I prefer the Vivian spelling rather than this French version but it's a great name. Don't like Raleigh in the middle spot.
    Clara Noemi - This has a nice flow.
    Rosalie Winter - Rosie - Probably my favourite combo on your list. Very pretty.
    Norah Colette - I prefer Nora with no "h" as it's the original spelling. I don't like the No-Co beginnings of the names.
    Virginia Haven - Ginny/Nia - This sounds very soft, delicate and pretty. It also sounds like a description of a THING rather than a PERSON (a sanctuary in the state of Virginia).
    Lucille Azura - Lucy/ Lu - too many u's. I love the vintage Lucille.
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