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    Harriet Luella - Hattie/Etta -- Don't like. It bores me.
    Mabel Reverie - Maisie/Mae -- Maisy is too girly and Mabel is too old!
    Susannah Sage - Susie/Sosie -- LOVE. Susie/Sue great little girl name, Susannah/Sue great adult name.
    Elisabeth Matisse -Elsa/Betsy. --Classic. Neither love nor hate really - but love the nn Eliza.
    Vivienne Raleigh - Via. -- Too old sounding.
    Clara Noemi -- Too posh sounding.
    Rosalie Winter - Rosie. Too flowery and girly.
    Norah Colette -- Too old sounding.
    Virginia Haven - Ginny/Nia -- GORGEOUS!! My fave by far. Ginny or Nia great nn's.
    Lucille Azura - Lucy/ Lu -- Just makes me think of "Come away with me, Lucille..." I just think "automobile!!"

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