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    Harriet Luella - Hattie/Etta -- Don't like. It bores me.
    Mabel Reverie - Maisie/Mae -- Maisy is too girly and Mabel is too old!
    Susannah Sage - Susie/Sosie -- LOVE. Susie/Sue great little girl name, Susannah/Sue great adult name.
    Elisabeth Matisse -Elsa/Betsy. --Classic. Neither love nor hate really - but love the nn Eliza.
    Vivienne Raleigh - Via. -- Too old sounding.
    Clara Noemi -- Too posh sounding.
    Rosalie Winter - Rosie. Too flowery and girly.
    Norah Colette -- Too old sounding.
    Virginia Haven - Ginny/Nia -- GORGEOUS!! My fave by far. Ginny or Nia great nn's.
    Lucille Azura - Lucy/ Lu -- Just makes me think of "Come away with me, Lucille..." I just think "automobile!!"

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    Harriet Luella - Hattie/Etta
    Mabel Reverie - Maisie/Mae
    Susannah Sage - Susie/Sosie
    Elisabeth Matisse - Elsa/Betsy
    Vivienne Raleigh - Via
    Clara Noemi
    Rosalie Winter - Rosie
    Norah Colette
    Virginia Haven - Ginny/Nia
    Lucille Azura - Lucy/ Lu

    Love Hattie and Etta but not loving Harriet Luella, as neither name does much for me. Not sure how I would ever get to Hattie; Etta I would use on its own (eg. Etta Corinne, Etta Mabel? Etta Lucille?)
    Love Mabel, don't like Reverie. Not into word names.
    Elisabeth Matisse is interesting. It looks pretty.
    Vivienne Raleigh has some southern charm. I actually like this one!
    Clara Noemi is nice, but I would LOVE Noemi Clare/Claire.
    Rosalie Winter is a nice combo, even tho Winter is not my style.
    Prefer Nora without the 'h'. Love Colette. Nora Colette is cute. Vivienne Colette would be pretty.
    Not liking Virginia Haven.... too wordy. Sounds like a place in Virginia.
    Love Lucille, don't love Azura, but would prefer Azura Lucille.
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    Interesting feedback. I really thought that both Harriet and Mabel were ready for revival (although I realize neither are in the top 1000) and I thought berries would be the first to agree! A lot more love for Vivienne, Rosalie and Nora(h), though, which are beautiful, but already gaining popularity quickly. The images that you have thought of for Vivienne Raleigh (southern charm) and Rosalie Winter (vintage/nature) are spot on, and make me happy. I appreciate the feedback, and always, more feedback helps!

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    I loooove:

    Mabel Reverie -this is my favourite. Nn's maisie and mae both adorable too.
    Norah Colette - Very classy.
    Rosalie Winter - like nn Rosie and together it flows well

    not a huge fan or any of the others, mostly due to their popularity.

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    Harriet Luella - Hattie/Etta- very old-fashioned, it's ok
    Mabel Reverie - Maisie/Mae-> not my favorite, Mabel is cute but hasn't grown on me
    Susannah Sage - Susie/Sosie-> Susannah is a beautiful name!
    Elisabeth Matisse - Elsa/Betsy-> Elisabeth is a nice classic name
    Vivienne Raleigh - Via-> Vivienne is pretty, Raleigh is awkward to say
    Clara Noemi-> very pretty, unique with vintage charm
    Rosalie Winter - Rosie-> I love Rosalie but I don't care for Winter
    Norah Colette- > cute name
    Virginia Haven - Ginny/Nia-> Virginia is ok, I don't like it with Haven because it sounds like a sentence, too many word names together
    Lucille Azura - Lucy/ Lu-> pretty, Lucille is a sweet name and Lucy is cute. Azura is a guilty pleasure of mine.

    My favorites are Clara Noemi and Lucille Azura

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